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Headquartered in Qatar, a tiny and one of the richest countries of the world located in the Middle East, ALPHA & CO has its vast networks all across the world to facilitate its valued clients in the arena of Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement. Over the years, we operated successfully to ensure the expectations our clients expected. It would not be an exaggeration to say that we have developed ourselves as an institution with committed and sincere gestures. With the help of our highly qualified motivated professionals and dedicated staff we are heading towards marvelous and conducive networks to analyze microscopic developments of this specialized field, fulfilling and satisfying the growing needs of our esteemed clients. We always aim to build a good reputation across the world expanding our horizons to touch minutely all dimensions of this growing field, serving a variety of our reverend clients. We have also redefined the significance of Intellectual Property Protection throughout the Middle East region, highlighting the Arab’s creativity at International level.

To facilitate easier access with political systems, local laws and by- laws of the Gulf region, ALPHA & CO has its branches in all GCC’S countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman and UAE) and Egypt. On the top of it, we have association with many organizations in many countries to assist and protect our clients anywhere in the world.

Our strategy revolves round the concept of providing valued clients with professional and high quality services, suiting their best needs and requirements. We always depend on seeking accurate understandings of the clients’ needs and thereby reaching at the highest level of satisfaction. We do our level best to ensure that the clients’ rights are duly enforced and protected.

Special attention to urgent cases without having any prejudice to normal ones is our part of functioning. Besides, we provide cost effective services by accomplishing a high quality job within a short span of time at reasonable rates. The fee structure is very much fair, transparent and practical.

It is our mission to help our clients efficiently gain complete benefit of their intellectual property rights through the practicality and commitment of our professional staff.