Mr. Hussain Al Obaidly

Across the globe there have been sweeping changes in all the spheres over the last few years. Globalization coupled with industrialization has brought forth telling changes in the way development is seen and taken up, investment is distributed, resources used and finances managed. We live no more in a world that has four corners, each thousands miles and countless hours away from each other, but a world which has become a global village, a world that is being explored with just a click.

The ever-changing global phenomenon has affected the GCC and Middle East regions too. The region has opened its arms for development across various sectors. Today the Middle East and Arab world contributes substantially towards the global economy and these changes have surely thrown open doors for investment opportunities resulting in the creation of free zones and trader-friendly regulations which clearly means that the Middle East region today is one of the most developed regions, sought-after heavily by the investors, multi-national companies. The never-seen-before changes have also enthused and encouraged local individuals and companies to contribute their mite in the growth and development of the region.

It is with this background that Alpha & Co.IP which was started by the undersigned in 1994 has braced up for newer challenger and sterner tests. Being a pioneer firm in the intellectual property protection and enforcement arena, Alpha has closely associated and immensely contributed in protecting the trade interests of global clients. Today we boast of having our full-fledged branches across the GCC countries and Egypt along with the associate office in the entire Arab world and other parts of the world. Our qualified and experienced work force ably led by capable management has helped us emerge head and shoulder above the rest.

Being at the helm of Alpha & Co.IP, today I feel immensely proud that we have played an important role in IP matters of our region. With this confidence, we are bracing up for future challenges and are looking forward in expanding our horizons in order to reach out to newer regions and clients. I am very much confident in the abilities Team Alpha that in the days to come, we will be able to take up bigger challenges, shoulder greater responsibilities in protecting clients’ IP rights and thus contributing not only towards the enhancement of IP services but also the overall development of our region.